Tom’s back and shares his experience from his last trip overseas. Some iPhone hassles and really cool plane tech. Plus movie quotes take over! All this and more. Thanks for listening.

Traveling OverSeas with iPhone

  • Tom’s back from a trip to Germany. He had some challenges getting the iPhone to work seamlessly while there. He’ll fill us in on what some of those hiccups were.

Present, but Absent

  • A good article from USA Today talks about how obsessed we’ve become with our smart phones and social networking tools. Truth be told, I can’t remember the last time I was ‘unplugged’ for a long time.

Sweet Plane Tech

  • On the way home, Tom gets a nice upgrade to first class from United. Wow, there was some cool tech there that we’ll never see in Coach.

Transparent Aluminum discovery. Beam me up, Scotty!

  • The timeline from Star Trek IV must have happened. Because it seems that transparent aluminum has, in fact, been invented by scientists at Oxford. Woo hoo! No truth to the rumor that the scientist that discovered it had the same name as the scientist in the ST film.

Tron: Legacy

  • Disney is making a sequel to the 1982 groundbreaking effects movie. You’ll have to wait until 2010 to see it. But the first trailer is now online. You can see that here.

Alie ?

  • Speaking of movies, another Aliens movie is coming out in 2011. Ridley Scott comes back to direct but this time, it’s a prequel. So if the first movie was called Alien, and the sequel was called Aliens then does that mean the prequel will be called Alie ? Inquiring minds want to know!

I ain’t ‘fraid of no ghost

  • The hit movie from 1984 is now a wildly successful video game. They got all of the original actors back to voice the game. It must be time to watch that movie again. Don’t cross the streams.

Important computer patches

  • Microsoft released a patch for Windows (Internet Explorer) and Apple pushes out a fix for an iPhone/iPod Touch SMS problem. Go get these updates for your devices. It’s always a good idea to stay current on patches.

Gmail Labs

  • Google has added all kinds of add-ins for Gmail. One of them (Mail Goggles) makes you solve some math problems before it lets you send out late night emails. Just in case you wrote something after a few too many drinks that you might regret in the morning. Wow, a breathalyzer equivalent for email. Don’t drink and email!
  • You can access this feature and many others by clicking Settings, Labs from within your Gmail account.

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  1. Kindle's battery died on Thursday night. I estimate I had the wireless on for about a half hour total, then shut off the wireless. After that I estimate I got about a 225 page turns over the course of 6 weeks before the battery died. It did turn out that the battery indicator still showed it half full, so maybe the first few charges that isn't calibrated.

    I charged it up and turned on wireless. I'll let you know how long it lasts…

    I listened to your Kindlegate show. It made me wonder if Apple has the ability to erase something from your iPhone, or even iTunes. I also wonder if the user agreement for Kindle said anything that indicates they have the ability to erase books from it. Maybe I'll check that out.

  2. Have you guys hacked a AppleTV? I want to plug in a big hard drive, but I guess you have to hack the box to get the usb port to get a drive to work.

  3. Sorry for the delayed response. Something's wrong with the email notification, so I didn't spot your comments right away.

    I have not (yet) upgraded the drive in my Apple TVs. Since I can stream content from my iMac, I do that for most of what I want to watch. For the things that I watch a lot or like to skip around chapters (a concert dvd, for example), I sync those to the ATV because there is less lag that way.

    But at some point, I will probably run out of capacity because the drives in the ATV are not that big. There are some videos (search Google) that walk you through a step by step process of opening up the unit and swapping the drive. Very similar to the process for a Mac Mini. If you get adventurous, let us know how it goes.

  4. That is impressive battery life. The wireless effect on the battery should be a good test, too.

    Apple CAN erase content from the iPhone. I think Steve Jobs came out and stated this early in its release, but said they would not use it. Seems like a safety backdoor for them should anything catastrophic happen (something slip through the App Store, for example). With great power, …

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