Disney makes a marvelous deal, Snow Leopard is now out and where do you turn when 140 characters in a tweet are just not enough? All this and more. Thanks for listening!

Disney Acquires Marvel

  • We get a tip from a listener voicemail that Disney acquired Marvel Comics. What does this merger mean for the future of Marvel Comic movies? Is there any impact to Iron Man 2, due out in May?

Snow Leopard

  • Is it worth the price? No major new features, just as Apple promised. But plenty of polish. Early results are showing lots of problems recognizing HP printers. Mike can vouch for that as his HP Color LaserJet 2600N disappeared after the SL upgrade. Other than that, the upgrade was smooth. Color us underwhelmed. Sorry, David Pogue. We’re not haters of Apple. But we still think this was mostly a service pack despite what Apple (and you, apparently) want everyone to believe.

When 140 Characters is Not Nearly Enough

  • Feeling constrained by Twitter’s paltry 140 character limit? There’s a new service for you! Woofer lets you type to your heart’s content. You have to type AT LEAST 1400 characters to have a ‘woof’. Now we’re talking. The site’s look and feel is oddly familiar.

Nerds of the Week

  • A belated birthday wish to the late, great Gene Roddenberry who would have been 88 years old on August 19th. Other Trek actors sharing his birthday are:
    • Jonathan Frakes (Cmdr William Riker)
    • Diana Muldur (Dr. Pulaski)

Nerd Game of the Week

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum is a very cool-looking, dark game for the Dark Knight. Tom and Mike have both played it already and offer some feedback.

Bonus info (not in the podcast) – Gaming Console Price Drops

  • Sony announces a price drop (now $299) for the PS3. Now available in a slim version.
  • Microsoft follows suit by dropping the price of the XBOX 360 Elite w/120GB. It is now also $299.
  • An article is out that indicates portable game hardware (Nintendo DS, PSP, iPhone) outnumbers consoles 2-to-1. This is amazing.

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