Apple updates their iPod line, Microsoft provides developer tools to high schools and FaceBook releases a lite version. Thanks for listening!

Apple’s Announcements

  • Steve Jobs returned to the stage for an otherwise dull announcement of updated iPods. You can view the entire keynote online.
  • iPod Nano with video
  • no love for the Touch
  • iTunes 9, new iTunes Store
  • Voicemail on Home Sharing
  • iPhone 3.1
  • minor tweaks to Shuffle, Classic

Microsoft’s Dream Spark program

  • DreamSpark High School is a program being offered by Microsoft that provides professional level development and design tools to students enrolled in an accredited, secondary educational institutions at no charge. A great way to get started developing for the most popular design platform used in businesses today.

FaceBook Lite

  • FaceBook is now providing a sleeker version of its popular web service. Dubbed FaceBook Lite, the thought by some is that this is an attempt to steal some attention from twitter.

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