China gets its iPhone. The rest of us get MMS. YouTube has a slight lead in Internet viewing (sarcasm) and we’ll tell you where to get Windows 7 at huge discounts. Thanks for listening!

iPhones come to China on October 1
  • The iPhone comes to China at the same time their carrier launches their 3G network. The phones won’t be cheap, however. How about $732.50 US for an iPhone? Expect subsidies with long contracts.
YouTube is gi-normous!
  • When it comes to watching videos on the Internet, there’s YouTube. And then there’s everyone else.
MMS comes to the iPhone. It’s about time!
  • Other phones have had this forever. iPhone users finally got it last week? What is it? MMS, of course. So what’s the big deal?

Win7 discounts from NewEgg

  • ComputerWorld details the savings around 55% here.
  • Speaking of Windows 7, did you know you can host your very own launch party? Check out this link. We are not sure if we seen anything this lame. Ever.
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