Windows Live passwords get hacked, the richest Americans are NERDS! And a British Comedy Troupe turns 40. Thanks for listening.

Hotmail passwords compromised
  • Thousands of Windows Live Hotmail passwords were compromised on October 1st. If you have an email account ending with, or it would be a good idea to change your password just to be safe.
400 Richest Americans
  • Bill Gates lost $7 Billion last year, but he still tops the list of the richest Americans. We’ve got the top 10 list for you. None of us are on it. 🙁
Super Fast Boot Time on Laptops

Nerds of the Week

Dave Barry Slept Here

  • Pulitzer Prize winning humor columnist Dave Barry set out to write a American history book that would be accessible to lay people. His approach was to abolish the need to memorize dates. So he picked one day for all of the important events. That day just so happens to be his son’s birthday.

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