Verizon Goes on the Offensive

  • Maybe the iPhone won’t be coming to Verizon anytime soon, after all. A series of commercials have begun to target Apple’s dominance in the cell phone market. The first batch criticizes the AT&T 3G network by openly mocking a popular Apple slogan. The latest ads now signal the arrival of an Android phone coming soon to the Verizon network.

Apple Changes Rules for In-App Purchases

XBOX Live Update Will Go Social

  • The next update for XBOX will bring Twitter and FaceBook to the popular gaming console. Is this a good thing?

Silver anniversary for the ICBM

  • The Atlas D went on alert 50 years ago this month. On Halloween of all days.

Nerd of the Week

  • The dude that forces us to type two slashes in every web URL is sorry about that.

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