We’re Looking Ahead to the new Star Wars movie. What’s happened to the rebel alliance and the empire in the last 30 years? We’ll know on December 18th! Just don’t tell us any spoilers.


Hosts: Tom KresicJohn KresicMike Kresic

Running Time: 47:42




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Featured Story: December the 18th Be With You

The Star Wars: Force Awakens trailer has us old guys pretty excited to see what JJ Abrams has in store with Episode VII. We don’t read the spoiler sites or want to know any plot points before seeing the movie. But we thought we’d talk about what we think is happening based on what the trailers have been showing us. 

And you should expect to see trailers for the new Captain America: Civil War movie as well as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. New trailers for both have hit the Internet in the last week.


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