Get ready for the Apple Watch Pro. Google making another name change. A Marvel/DC team-up is coming to the big screen. And Tesla will offer a hybrid SUV.  


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Nerd News Flash

  • Why no new Apple Watch at the March event? That’s because Apple has been secretly working on a new Apple Watch Pro that will support the Apple Pencil later this year. 
  • Tesla has announced that they will be releasing an all new hybrid electric/gas powered SUV! Called the Tesla AF, it’s based on the full size chassis platform and will compete with Suburban sized vehicles. Estimates show around 257 MPG city and 211 MPG highway, but you won’t need to plug it in often!
  • In a surprising news release, Google will relaunch its homepage and is ditching the name in favor of a shorter one, Sources state that people are too tired of typing in so many characters when searching for something and that more people are switching back to Yahoo since its shorter. We beat them to it.
  • Blackberry is planning to launch the Blackberry Retro. making a name for itself in the elderly care community. An inspirational program was created by marketing expert, Nunya Bidnets, where Blackberry has recovered several thousand of their older devices and refurbished them with plans to deploy them as BlackBerry Retro to FL, TX and AZ to elderly IT retirees who find the lack of qwerty keyboards distracting. No word yet if any carriers plan to cover these devices. Expectations are for slower and more cost effective services like only 3G.
  • A Marvel vs DC Justice League movie is in the works that will pit, for the first time ever, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk and company against SuperMan, BatMan, Wonder Woman and team on the big screen in 2020.
  • After years of research, it’s a sad day in science as the LHC is being shut down permanently. Scientists have not been able to prove any real science since the LHC opened and the operating costs are too high. They are currently looking at plans to convert the property to alternate uses, with the most popular ideas being the first closed-loop shopping mall with movie theater, or the SHC.


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