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Mac OS X “Lion”

  • one charge for all of your Macs (upgrades from Snow Leopard only)
  • no CD to buy. only via Mac App Store
  • AirDrop feature lets you share files with others (like a drop box)
  • Mail redesigned to look like iPad mail.
  • supports gestures (kinda means you need trackpad)
  • Versions
  • AutoSaving
  • Launchpad (grid display of all of your apps that swipe left and right like iOS display)
  • Mission Control (like a merger of Expose and Spaces)
  • Full screen apps
  • summary: price designed to get everyone to upgrade because this is key to the integration with iOS devices and iCloud. Features are nice, but this is evolutionary.
  • ships in July for $29 (one price covers ALL your Macs)


  • new Notification Center: non-intrusive if using your device. shows a history of your missed messages, voicemails, etc
  • Twitter integration into all apps. Tweet from photos
  • Contacts will import photos from twitter if you don’t have one for your contacts
  • Quicker access to camera from lock screen. Can also use Vol Up button to snap photo.
  • iMessage: messaging system across all iOS devices to share txts, photos, videos, contacts
  • No longer required to connect to a PC first. Can setup without cable to a computer.
  • NewsStand: all subscriptions in one place. auto download latest newspapers and magazine issues; in the background, updates icon to show the latest issue.
  • Safari: tabbed browsing
  • Safari Reading List: view article on web in one window, even if on multiple web pages. ability to forward the content, not just a link, via email.
  • Read docs offline, those links synched across your devices so you can read it anywhere, on any device
  • OTA app updates : delta changes, no synching required.
  • Reminders: Location-based (GPS) aware reminders that sync across your devices. (cool!)
  • Wireless airplay for iPad2 to your AppleTV.
  • free update to same devices as iOS 4.3
  • available in Fall


  • Automatically syncs your content to the cloud and pushes to your devices. No need to manually manage
  • iWork update pushed last week includes integration with iCloud. (via a new Documents app)
  • MobileMe is gone. Syncing of your mail, calendar and contacts automatically.
  • PhotoStream
  • Six more apps. (Documents, Backup)
  • No hardware announcements today
  • This Fall (beta available today on iOS 4.3)
  • 5GB free
  • No charge for iTunes purchased content (music, apps, books or photo stream). Automatically available. Can redownload content purchased on (up to 10) devices.
  • $25/yr for cloud access to all of your ripped music (no need to upload them, iTunes will scan and match for you)

Apple Wrap-up:


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