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Nerd News:
  • Apple releases new MacBook Airs & Mac Minis
    • Backlit keyboard returns to the Air.
    • Minis easier to open and upgrade.
  • Apple OS X Lion is out.
    • Check apps before you upgrade for compatibility (Microsoft Office)
    • Reverse scrolling
    • Dashboard is very iOS-like. Surprise! Your Mac had more apps than just the ones in your Dock!
  • The annual Comic-Con convention took place in San Diego again over the weekend. This time, we had a fan who was lucky enough to be there. Violet filed a report and posted some cool photos to our FaceBook Wall.
  • Speaking of nerdy things, how about replacing the audio in your favorite movie scene with a capella? That’s what these guys did for the lobby scene in The Matrix.
  • Downtown Disney is getting some upgrades.
This Week in Nerd History:
  • July 27, 1866 – The Atlantic Cable is successfully completed, allowing transatlantic telegraph communication for the first time.
  • July 26, 1963 –  Syncom 2, the world’s first geosynchronous satellite, is launched from Cape Canaveral on a Delta B booster.
  • July 29, 2005 – Astronomers announce their discovery of the dwarf planet Eris.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, guys!  That was fun!  Thanks also for noticing my awesome red shoes! haha!  I hope to be able to go to Comi-Con again next year.  I really lucked out this time.  Violet

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