Just what is a Bloon anyway? Hollywood comes to our home town. And a cool way to shop for groceries. All this and more…

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Nerd News:

  • Symantec. Now on Mobile.
  • Can AT&T bring 4LTE to you? Sooner or later? Its confidential. Not. Love the pic, BTW.
  • Are these blackberries stale?
  • Need an Apple Store in China? You’re in luck*
  • Careful what apps your kids use. The App makers may be invading their privacy.
  • Hollywood comes to Cleveland. Shooting for a climactic fight scene for the upcoming movie The Avengers has taken to the streets of Cleveland.
  • Who wants a HP Touchpad?
  • Cosmos revamp coming Carl Sagan autotune
  • Cool way to grocery shop? A picture of the products on shelves!
  • Up, up and away…in my $156k Bloon! For an extra $44,000, we’ll throw in zero G!

This Week in Nerd History:

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  1. Nice article on grocery shopping, I guess that is the future – smartphones + QR codes

  2. I'm not sold on it just yet. But we'll see if this takes off. Nothing wrong with test marketing the concept. If I had to wait for a train, it might be a good way to kill time. But wouldn't there also be a lot of other people waiting for the train? I wonder what that picture would look like with more than just the one guy standing there?

  3. yeah, good point. I know there is a amazon app which you can scan barcodes (or scan picture?) to compare price. Not sure if you can actually buy/ship the product using that.

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