Nerd News:

  • Apple’s keynote made several rumors official.
    • No iPhone5, but the iPhone 4S is here next week.
    • Voice recognition for natural language integration.
    • A better camera (much faster at taking photos & starting up to do so, f2.4 aperture improved CCD, 1080p video, image stabilization, 8MPx, print 8×10 at 300dpi)
  • iPhone 4 (8GB) drops to $99 US
  • iPhone 3GS now free (with contract)
  • iOS5 software update Oct 12th
  • iCloud (sync your music, photos and docs)
  • 5GB free for all (purchased music, apps, books and photostream don’t count against your storage total)
  • iPod Touch now comes in White. Slight price drop (8GB for $199)
  • iPod nano – cheaper, more clock faces, 7 colors
  • Massive security flaw on HTC Android phones
  • IE9 not helping keep customers

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