The Steve Jobs biography is out. Sprint releases an update for HTC Android phones. And Netflix loses a ton of customers. All this and more!

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Nerd News:

  • Big buzz this week is the Steve Jobs biography which was released and is expected to be #1 on all of the best seller lists.
  • Some revealing information thus far about Bill Gates, Google and perhaps Steve’s final “one more thing”?
  • Need proof that consumers can be heard when they speak with their wallets. 800,000 Netflix customers did just that.
  • Jaguar recalls 18,000 cars due to major software flaw.
  • Sprint issues OTA fix for security flaw in HTC Android phones.
  • Happy 10th Birthday Windows XP! Now stop using it already!

This Week in Nerd History:

  • October 27, 1904 – NYC subway opens!
  • October 26, 1940 – P-51 Mustang takes maiden flight
  • October 28, 1965 – St. Louis Gateway Arch open

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