How much do the 12 days of Christmas cost in 2011 dollars? You’d be surprised! Plus, we’ll tell you about the most popular apps of the year you can load up on that new mobile device you got for the holidays. All this and more!

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Nerd News:

This Week in Nerd History:

  • December 27, 1571 – Johannes Kepler is born, of planetary motion fame
  • December 30, 1924 – Edwin Hubble announces the existence of other galaxies.
  • December 27, 1932 – Radio City Music Hall opens
  • December 26, 1933 – FM radio is patented.
  • December 26, 1982 – Time’s Man of the Year is for the first time a non-human, the personal computer.

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  1. Violet Bassett-Mathy December 29, 2011 at 4:36 pm

    LOVE the Lego Hadron Collider! I wonder if Sheldon got one for Saturnalia?

  2. We got John a "Bazinga!" shirt for his birthday from Love that show.

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