Tom gets a Kindle Fire. And there will be a ring of fire on May 20th visible in the US for the 1st time in 18yrs. What is it? We’ve got details on these stories and much more!

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Nerd News:

  • What is HP doing with WebOS and will you buy the products?
  • Do you plan to use Office v15 or does it not matter for consumers?
  • Tablet news – Tom unboxed his new Kindle Fire today and already has the top 100 books from Project Gutenberg online.
    • How’s it look/feel/operate?
    • What came with it vs. accessories?
    • What apps are on it stock vs what I have added so far?
    • Work or pleasure?
    • Netflix on my Fire. Tres bien
    • Is it dumb to spend $200 when the iPad3 is around the corner?


This Week in Nerd History:


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  1. I think HP are having a crisis of confidence at the moment. They seem a step behind and don’t seem to know where they are heading – they are irrelevant in this space.

  2. That’s a great point Sonya. They really didn’t know how to embrace this fully and I think we all saw what the result was. When there are dominant players in a market you probably shouldn’t do something that is half-hearted. Consumers will see right through that and they did in this case.

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