If it’s April, then Google had some fun announcements. None of which were real. But they are hilarious anyway. YouTube even got into the act this year. We’ll recap all of the announcements that you may have missed. Plus, starting this week, we are introducing a new segment to the show… our Mobile Pick of the Week. Each week we’ll tell you about a new mobile app that one of us has been using. It could be a game, a utility, just about anything really. And we’ve got a full allotment of Nerd History. Beethoven, Steve Jobs, Internal Combustion Engines. What could be more nerdy?

Mobile App Pick of the Week:

  • Tom travels a lot and often has to feed the parking meters. Well, on a recent trip to Washington D.C. he came across some parking spots that are high tech. And so we’re reviewing the Park Mobile app. Say goodbye to coins in your pocket and rushing back outside to feed the meter!

Nerd News:

  • As has become it’s custom, Google’s launched a slew of new products on the first day of the fourth month. We’re really excited about some of these.
    • Google Tap
    • 8bit Google Maps for Nintendo
    • Tired of getting millions of hits when you do a search? Well, with Google’s Really Advanced Search, that shouldn’t be a worry anymore.
    • Is your website optimized for rotary phones? We know ours isn’t. But thanks to this tool you can Go Roto. There’s even consideration given to optimizing your site for pay phones!
  • Not to be outdone, YouTube announced the “YouTube collection”. Imagine YouTube delivered fresh to your home every week! The video is a must-see.

This Week in Nerd History:

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