Our Mobile App of the week may be a huge help if you are vacationing in Anaheim or Central Florida any time soon. Plus, the Space Shuttle Discovery takes a tour in Washington, Solid State drives for under $100, and a service to let you convert your DVD movies to the cloud for only $2. Plenty of nerviness in store as Tom tries to figure out what he’s going to do tomorrow!

Mobile App of the Week:

  • Disney Mobile Magic (for iOS and Android)
    • enhanced with more information when you are actually on premise, but there are plenty of benefits to aid your planning even before you get there.
    • Park Hours, including Extra Magic Hours
    • Park & Resort maps
    • Park/Resort events for that day with times
    • Wait Times for the rides with FastPass availability
    • Character Appearances
    • Dining Guide, including ability to make a reservation from your smartphone.
    • Lots of other helpful info: weather, transportation, shopping guides with hours of availability. Add items to favorites for quicker access.

Nerd News:

This Week in Nerd History:


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  1. I used the Disney app about a 1-1/2 years ago and even then the app was extremely useful. I used it for finding out about ride wait times (which were surprisingly accurate), character meeting times, plus general location information. Its worth the price of the app, especially considering the amount you are shelling out for park tickets.
    Oh, and what’s the deal with IKEA combo TV stands (read that line with a Seinfeld voice), seems like design regression. I thought the flat screen revolution sort of kicked the old console TV idea to the curb. Not sure why I am complaining though, since there is no reality where I could afford one of those things…

  2.  @John_IVpod I love that Seinfeld reference. You wrote it exactly like Jerry would say it. 🙂
    I learned a lesson to never buy furniture that locks me into technology of a certain size. I bought an entertainment center and a dresser for two different rooms in my house back in 99. There weren’t any 16×9 tvs back then, of course. But when those came around, I was limited with what I could do to get one that would fit into those 4×3 sized pieces of furniture. So I agree with you on your point about design regression. Tech changes too fast these days.

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