A special episode of the podcast this week as the kids talk about our trip to Orlando and stops at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure.

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Walt Disney World:

  • Transportation: Monorails. Cool way to get to and from, especially with the rain. How cool is the Avengers monorail?
  • Magic Kingdom – what rides did we ride, enjoy? Which are kid friendly, and which ones are a little scary? Haunted Mansion may not be fun for all ages…
  • Electrical Light Parade still a favorite for young and old
  • Great place to see fireworks is between the Castle and Small World
  • Oldie but a goody: Shooting Gallery
  • Don’t forget to check out the new ‘old’ Tiki Room
  • Things we didn’t get to do but will next time: Hall of Presidents, Jungle Cruise, Paddlewheel, Fantasyland was closed and under some wicked cool contruction. Check out the WFN website for ‘behind the scenes’ construction photos!
  • EPCOT: Soarin and Mission:Space are still the clear favorites among the kids. The adults love Soarin, too. Spaceship Earth has gone through many updates over the years. This time, we had some fun with it and picked foreign languages for the audio in the cars and for the questions on the ride down.


Universal Studios – Islands of Adventure

  • Parking and the walk
  • The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: The Forbidden Journey (Hogwarts Castle/Broom ride – this one is pretty scary for the little ones), Dragon Challenge and Hippogriff roller coasters also rock.
  • Poseidon’s Fury show was pretty cool. And loud. And you walk through water without getting wet. Yes, this is true!
  • The Spiderman 3D ride has been refreshed to include HD video. We think they also smoothed out the ride from how it used to be.
  • HULK SMASH!!! Warning, if you go on this when it’s raining, the rain will hurt your face! Ouch! But what a great coaster ride, including the surprise at the beginning that Stephanie really loved. 🙂
  • Things we didn’t ride due to weather or whatever: Jurrasic Park (chance of getting wet),  nothing is Dr Suess or ToonTown, Ripsaw Falls and Popeyes Bilge Rat Barges (water rides get soaked, but it was raining already)
  • FastPass is available at Universal Studios, but it works differently than at Disney. These will cost you $$$. The day we were there, it was $40/person for a reservation-style Fast Pass ($60/person for unlimited). It cost a lot, but helped us get through all the rides we wanted to see in one day.

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