Verizon announces their shared data plans, though most people are less than thrilled. We’ll chime in with some thoughts on the subject. Plus, news from Disney about park changes that include some of your favorite Pixar and Marvel characters. And first impressions about Apple’s new MacBook Pro with Retina Display. All this plus the Nerd History and our Mobile App of the Week.

Mobile App of the Week:
  • Harley-Davidson Maps for iOS.

Nerd News:

This Week in Nerd History:

  • June 18, 1983 – Sally Ride boards Challenger to be first American woman in space.
  • June 21, 2004 – SpaceShip One completes the first private manned space flight.


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  1. Hey guys. Great shows as always. I am sitting here working and listening, and you managed to pull me away from my work with your comments on Prometheus. Good job. I swear the opinions on this movie in the nerd world are amazing. I honestly can’t remember a movie that has created such divisions between nerds. For that, you have to give it some credit. My take on this movie is a bit weird. I just saw the movie last weekend and I would say that when I left the movie theater I definitely had a feeling of emptiness created by the fact that the movie didn’t have the overwhelming “whoa” factor I thought it would have. While stunning, it definitely seemed incomplete. Leaving the movie theater, I would probably have given it “3 out of 5” stars.
    Oddly though, the movie managed to get me thinking. I started asking all sorts of questions to myself about a variety of topics that the show didn’t answer. I won’t post questions to avoid being a spoiler, but simply the fact that a movie can get me thinking and wondering is a lot of fun. Yeah, there were a lot of unanswered questions, but as a result, I enjoyed filling in the gaps myself with my own answers. Sometimes movies go too far to answer questions that they should have just left alone. My example there would be the destruction of the Matrix movies via parts 2 and 3. The original was so perfect in creating a world but not giving away all the secrets, only to spoil it all in the sequels.
    Long story short, I agree to a point that the movie was not as good as I hoped it would be. I really was hoping to get the crap scared out of me just like the old alien movies, but it didn’t happen. Still, I have to give it some credit for giving me a reason to wonder about crazy alien ideas. Ok, back to work. Later!

  2. John, thanks for sharing your thoughts about Prometheus. That’s the great thing about the arts — they illicit different emotions from different people. We tend to prefer great stories, because anyone can do a special effects movie these days. Sometimes, the stories suffer because the studio needs to make it fit into a certain running time. A lot of times, what’s left can be somewhat incoherent. Other times, as you pointed out with the Matrix sequels, they should have just left things alone. That’s Hollywood. They’ll chase the $$$ by turning out lame sequels (Pirates 2, 3 and 4 are another example).
    My hopes are higher for Dark Knight Rises because Chris Nolan seems to get that it’s about the story. I’m a little more skeptical about the Spider-Man reboot (although the trailers look good) because Sony needed to make this movie to keep the rights from reverting to Marvel. But I’m hoping they penned a nice story arc (supposedly the story about Peter Parker’s parents will be slowly revealed over three movies).
    We all appreciate your feedback. Thanks for listening.

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