Microsoft makes some big announcements about tablets and smartphones. But will you be left out in the cold? Or are you excited? We’ve got details. Plus competition for the Kindle Fire from Google may be on the way this week. We’ll also look at the Summer Box Office and share some of our favorites and disappointments. Plus, a cool mobile app for foodies and the week in Nerd History.

Mobile App of the Week:
  • FoodSpotting helps you see what dishes people are eating at a local eatery before you venture out there. So you can see a review of the food itself, not just a review of the restaurant.

Nerd News:

  • New Windows tablets were announced by Microsoft last week. Few details released, including price. Will this be an iPad killer?
  • Windows Phone 8 leaves Win Phone 7 users stranded. No v8 for them, but they will get v7.8. How does this make you feel? And Win Phone 8 runs the NT kernel!
  • Google is expected to unveil a Kindle Fire rival as early as this week. But Amazon may have the Kindle Fire 2 ready by the end of July.
  • Summer movies so far:
    • Brave was 13th #1 for Pixar. ($65M this weekend)
    • Some big hits: Avengers, Men In Black 3, Madagascar 3
    • Some big misses: Battleship, Rock of Ages (Cruise), That’s My Boy (Sandler), The Dictator (Sacha Baron Cohen)
  • Still to come: SpiderMan, Dark Knight Rises, Ice Age 3, Bourne Legacy, Total Recall
  • As far as rentals go, Tom says DO see SafeHouse with Denzel Washington. Mike says DO NOT see Ghost Rider 2.
  • Now you can get a follically-correct Princess Leia hoodie. Complete with buns.
This Week in Nerd History:
  • June 25, 1788 – Virginia becomes the 10th state to ratify the United States Constitution.
  • June 25, 1876 – Battle of the Little Bighorn and the death of Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer.

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