We’re talking about cool tech to help put you on a path to better physical fitness. These include ways to track what you eat and how much you exercise from the convenience of your smartphone. But wait till you see what you can do with it.

Mobile App of the Week:

  • Weight Watchers mobile app – iTunes and Droid
  • This app is very useful especially when teamed up with the newer barcode scanner from Weight Watchers. It helps to automatically insert PointsPlus for the Tracker.

Health and Fitness (using Tech, of course):

  • A better version of a pedometer, the FitBit tracks your steps, calories burned and more and displays it in a nice dashboard (or on your smartphone)
  • The Withings WiFi Scale is another techie item that gives you a digital readout of your weight and BMI. And it can integrate with your FitBit account to sync that data into your dashboard.
  • Nike+ Running, built-in to recent iPhones and iPod Touches, tracks your walks/runs and gives you a nice Google map to show where you were and your pace along the way. But we’ve got one problem with it run now, even though it’s not really Nike’s fault.
  • What do you use? Share your success stories with us!
  • Warp Speed ahead! Engage!!


This Week in Nerd History:

  • Sept 27, 1777 – Lancaster, Pennsylvania is the capital of the United States, for one day.
  • Sept 27, 1908 – The first production of the Ford Model T automobile was built at the Piquette Plant in Detroit, Michigan.

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  1. Chris emailed us the following feedback about this episode…At some point over the summer I abandoned social media, so I am emailing about this week’s the show.First for 7 or 8 years I have been tracking my weight and all my workouts in a spreadsheet. About 2 years ago, I realized there was a pattern where I gained maybe 8 or 9 pounds in the winter, then maybe lost 4 or 5 the rest of the year. Net effect was that I gained about 5 pounds a year. That starts to add up. Anyway, the last two years I have worked on not gaining that weight in the winter and at least didn’t gain all year. Small victories I guess. Anyway, it pointed out how the data was useful.About 3 weeks ago I bought one of the scales you were talking about. I bought the Fitbit Aria with wifi. That is the one that uploads to Fitbit automatically. The others you mentioned all have their own websites, and presumably their own dashboards. In fact that is one thing that seems to be missing from this new personal sensor market. There needs to be a place that can pull together sensor data from all the sensors, instead of just sensors for each company (at their own site). For instance, I would love it if my Garmin bike spedo could import my rides into fitbit, but now I would have to enter them manually (which takes the fun out of the auto upload to Garmin I have now). In any case, I love the scale, the benefit of having the data auto logged is worth the extra cost, at least to me. Oh, and you obviously don’t have to put your weight data on twitter or facebook to use their dashboard (although you could if you wanted).ChrisThanks Chris. We’re glad you are enjoying the Aria scale. The Withings scale also connects to the FitBit dashboard, however. I mentioned this during the podcast, but probably didn’t do a good job explaining it. After you’ve setup your Withings scale for your WiFi network and have a free account on their site, then you visit http://www.withings.com/en/services/fitbit to pair the two devices. When you are done, you can see your scale info on your FitBit dashboard just like with the Aria scale. Hope this helps clear that up. But we’re glad to hear you are getting healthy.

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