The Force is with Disney as they make a major purchase. Google wants to help you with Windows 8. And we talk in-depth about the pros and cons of putting all of your data in the cloud. All this, plus a mobile app that’s  out of this world and our week in Nerd History.

Mobile App of the Week:

  • Solar Walk – Saturn – iTunes store – this is so cool and its free! 125MB so its big but you can explore all of these except IO…

Nerd News:

  • Breaking news: George Lucas has sold his LucasFilm empire to the Disney company. Star Wars 7 will be out in theaters in 2015.
  • Here’s how to Get your Google Back if you are using Windows 8.

Backing Up Your Data To The Cloud

Is it a good idea to store everything in the cloud? How much is too much?

  • Is keeping your SSNs and all of your confidential data in the cloud (Google Drive in this case) wise?
  • Is using 2 factor with a strong password enough?
  • Encrypted her smart phone.
  • Can Google get hacked?
  • Chance that Google goes away?

This Week in Nerd History:


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  1. Hi Guys – I just listened to the podcast.  Thank you so much for the input and your thoughts.  I am going to be making changes to my setup.  I’ll get back to you with what I change.  Really appreciate your help!

  2. Glad that this helped. The hurricane this week was another good example of why it’s so important to have offsite backups, so you are already ahead of the game in that regard from most people. But we think some of those tweaks may help you feel a little more secure.

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