What would Seinfeld be like in a Twitter/FaceBook world? How do you get to Mordor from the Shire on Google Maps? And some news about the new Star Trek: Into Darkness Movie. We’ll dish on all of the latest nerd news and make our mobile app of the week one for Christmas.


Mobile App of the Week:

  • A Charlie Brown Christmas (iTunes link, $3.99 USD) is an interactive storybook with original dialogue, animation and music optimized for your iOS device.
  • Check out the intricacies of the Mayan calendar with Maya 3D Lite (iTunes link, free)


Nerd News:

This Week in Nerd History:

  • December 14, 1972 – Apollo program: Eugene Cernan is the last person to walk on the moon, after he and Harrison Schmitt complete the third and final Extra-vehicular activity (EVA) of the Apollo 17 mission. To date this is the last manned mission to the moon.
  • December 13, 2000Al Gore concedes the U.S. presidential election to George W. Bush.


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