Comic-Con 2013 brought huge news about all of our favorite comic book characters and movies that we’ll be seeing on the big screen in the next few years. You won’t believe who the Man of Steel will be taking on in his 2015 sequel. Lots of fun stuff this week, including a hot mobile app and some musical history.

Hosts: Tom Kresic, John KresicMike Kresic

Running Time: 32:36

Mobile App of the Week:

  • How do you combine man’s love of cooking over fire and his love of cool technology? Try the iGrill. It’s a thermometer that works with your phone. And it’s bluetooth!


Nerd News:

Another Comic-Con is in the books. Here are the top stories:

  • Marvel announces the title of the Avengers sequel – Age of Ultron.

  • Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will premiere on TV on September 24th. Yes, Agent Coulson is alive!

  • Spider-Man will get three more movies. The sequel that’s currently shooting plus two more. Is the Sinister Six in our future?

  • DC Comics shocks everyone with announcement that the Man of Steel sequel will pair SuperMan vs. Batman. Their 1st time on the silver screen together.

This Week in Nerd History:


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