We’re getting back to basics starting this week. We’re tweaking the show format and will focus on a main story each week. We’ll still bring you some of the relevant nerdy news stories at the top of the show and nerds in history at the end. But we hope the feature story each week will give you some tips on how to get better use out of the tech that you already have or may be considering. Let us know what you think!

Nerd News of the Week

  • 137 years of Popular Science on browsable

Feature Story


  • Web browsers. Did you realize you had a choice? Did you realize there were other browsers?
  • We’ll tell you about the alternatives and why you might want to consider switching.
  • Tabbed browsing, bookmark synching, plugins that add features, and better security. Just to name a few.


Nerds in History

  • March 2 (1904) – Dr. Suess
  • March 9 (1862) – The first Monitor
  • March 9 (1959) – Put another shrimp on the Bahbie

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