John is in the market for a new printer, replacing an old HP LaserJet that was a workhorse for many years. There are tons of options to consider when buying a new printer. We’ll give you some things to think about.

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Feature Story: Printers

  • Printer types: all-in-one, photo, laser, ink, etc
  • Ads from Lexmark about ‘Evil Ink’. Some printers with free black ink for life. Power-hungry Laser printers in an EnergyStar world.
  • Multi-function to take media cards and print without a computer
  • Print from iPhone, iPad, Blackberry
  • Duplexing !
  • O/S compatibility. Do some research. We’ve got tips.
  • PCMag’s Buying Guide

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  1. The commenting system also works great from the new iPad. I can't hear the phrase 'pc load letter' without thinking of the movie Office Space. Good movie.

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