John’s in the market for some NAS to backup his home network. But he wonders if he should consider using services available in the ‘cloud’ instead of, or in addition to, the traditional approach of buying some hard drives. We’ll explore the good and the bad.

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  • Microsoft Cloud announcements this week
  • Google: mail, reader, docs, calendars, contacts, pics
  • Amazon Cloud storage, Carbonite, MSFT LiveShare(?)
  • value (cost, D/R, sharing), risks (speed, captive)

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  1. Carolyn_grasso July 27, 2010 at 10:40 pm

    Hi Guys – love the podcast. I just lost my computer and had to use a combination of backups on external hard drives and more up to date files from Mozy to restore all of the pictures, documents and movies to the new computer> I think that to download ALL of that from Mozy would take way too long, but you can get a cd or CDs mailed to you. So I restored most from the external drives. But Mozy was really really helpful cause I had not done a backup recently. Also there is a really cool free program/file that is really simple to use and you can type any information into it. Its searchable so I use it to keep track of all logins and passwords. It's password protected and encrypted. its Steganos Locknote. I've even got my husband and kids to use it, even if they roll their eyes when i talk about this stuff.

  2. Carolyn, we're sorry to hear about your recent computer problem. But we're thrilled to know that you had a backup. Even though it was old, it had to be better than nothing. We've heard some things about Mozy, though usually not good. It's nice to hear some positive feedback about them and hear that you experienced some good customer service. Locknote doesn't sound familiar but we will check it out. Don't worry about the eyes rolling. Everyone loves their computer geeks. Especially when there's a problem. :-)Thanks for the feedback and for listening to our show.Mike

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