With Memorial Day marking the unofficial start of Summer, it’s time to get those barbeque grills fired up and enjoy some good food. We’ve got some tech tips to enhance your outdoor cooking and entertaining experience.

Nerd News

  • GPS upgrades, length of your arm.
  • Science invents synthetic cells.
  • Google maps Wifi.

Feature Story: Grilling Tech

  • Grilling Technology – What does outdoor patio time with friends and family mean today?
    • Some iPhone apps:
    • Propane/Natural Gas/Brickettes/wood fired pizza oven
    • wireless meat thermometers
    • Music? Got it. Wireless, no problem. TV, are you kidding? How many and where…love that HDMI cable
    • spa & whirlpool
    • lighting; low voltage and security; bug lites; solar powered

Nerd History

  • May 23, 1995 – The first version of the Java programming language is released.
  • May 24, 1976 – The London to Washington, D.C. Concorde service begins.
  • May 24, 1935 – The first night game in Major League Baseball history is played in Cincinnati, Ohio, with the Cincinnati Reds beating the Philadelphia Phillies 2-1 at Crosley Field.

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