Lots of iPhones sold in the first three days. Hulu announces a subscription model. And could Google be launching a competitor to FaceBook? All this and more. Thanks for listening!

Nerd News:

  • Apple sells 1.7 Million iPhone 4’s in first weekend. (and Mike gets a sympathy card). Retail store supply limited. Long wait times online, too.
  • Antenna problems on the iPhone 4. Steve Jobs just says to ‘hold it differently’. This might be a software issue.
  • iPad stolen? No problem if you are a MobileMe subscriber. Install an iPhone app to locate your missing iPad.
  • iTunes Podcast Page coming to 67 new countries on June 29th, the 5 yr anniversary of podcasting in iTunes 4.9. This is 4.3 Billion people, or just over 64.2% of the worlds population. Welcome new listeners!
  • Rumor floating on the Net is that Google is preparing a FaceBook competitor to be dubbed GoogleMe.
  • Hulu announces subscription model. Hulu Plus will be on TVs, BluRay, iOS will cost $9.99/mo and include ads.
  • SanDisk SD 1GB WORM cards last 100 years, already in volume use by Japanese police.
  • Visa vs. Paypal. It’s payclick.com.au for now. But Paypal’s Security Key rocks!
  • 7th graders, studying 200 images, spot a cave on Mars.

Nerd History:

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