The anniversary of a significant invention going back to the 1980s, Apple plays cat and mouse at its stores regarding jailbroken phones and a famous theoretical physicist says its time to leave the planet. Wow!
Comment from listener Chris S from Florida on last week’s show about the ability to have eBooks read aloud.
Nerd News:

Feature Story:

  • The world’s most famous theoretical physicist says it’s time to leave Earth, OR ELSE.

Nerd History:

  • August 8, 1876 – Thomas Edison receives a patent for his mimeograph.
  • August 12, 1981 – The IBM Personal Computer is released.
  • August 8, 1988 – The lights are turned on at Wrigley Field for the first time, making it the last major league stadium to host night games. (The game, against the Philadelphia Phillies, is rained out after three-and-a-half innings.)

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