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The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is underway this week. So, of course, this means lots of new gadgets and announcements. We’ll share some of the coolest news coming out of the show in its first few days. We are already excited to try out a bunch of these.

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Nerd News Flash:

  • Fitbit for your feets!
  • Want to see a large item from Amazon?
  • i, Robot (the movie, not the vacuum) actually has Audi ahead of the curve!
  • Is wireless charging for the phone a reality?
  • Predator heat sensing tech in your iPhone 5!
  • It’s so cold in Canada the ground exploded.
  • Speaking of explosions, here’s a video of the world’s largest firework display!
  • Now when you right-click search Google in Safari, it will open the target page in a NEW tab! Hallelujah! You need Safari 7.0.1. Check Software Updates.

Featured Story: Consumer Electronics Show 2014 in Las Vegas

  • This Hollywood Director is normally known for his highly explosive movies, but Michael Bay’s meltdown onstage definitely suffered from some technical difficulties.
  • CES also has a good selection of new home automation.
  • Not to be outdone, FitBit has a partnership with a jewelry designer Tory Burch.
  • Panasonic is no slouch, offering a TV that knows more about what you want than you do with their Life+Screen. This looks an awful lot like the TV from Back To The Future.
  • Blackberry keyboard for the iPhone.  Hmmm. Wait until the lawyers get ahold of this one.
  • Smart home automation has come a long way from the days of X-10. Check out what SmartThings has to offer in the area of improving your digital lifestyle for the home.

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