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Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Could you use some tech to help you with your next project? We’ve got a bunch of apps to help with just about anything you can think of. And the nerd news covers a super cool cutting board gift idea and what Disney is doing with those new Magic Bands.

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Nerd News Flash:

  • Do you need a hardboiled Galaxy S5? If so check out this video.

  • For all those facially furry folks who get smooching complaints, heres how to get a Soft Goat.

  • And if you know any OCD chefs out there, maybe they need the accuracy of this new cutting board.

  • People at Amazon are running around screaming FIRE! and thats a good thing.

  • MagicBands are Disney’s approach to convergence of tech, not a new music group.

  • US Navy successfully converts salt water into fuel!



Featured Story: DIY or DYI (do yourself in)?

Today we are going to talk about all of the ways tech can help Do-It-Yourselfers with tasks that you may not normally want to attempt. For example, there are several apps, videos and websites out there that help to walk you through some of the more difficult or complex tasks. We’re not suggesting you go out and try these if you are concerned for your safety. Safety First!


  1. iFixit. This is a website we mentioned on a previous podcast, but now they have an app of the same name. Really nicely detailed instructions and photos for things like repairing PCs, laptops, tablets, phones, electronics, cars, bicycles, and much much more.

  2. Snapguide App. This is a similar type of app to ifixit, but much more centered around things like cooking or baking, drawing, making or modifying clothing, style and fashion

  3. WikiHow. This is even a more diverse app with wide ranging topics, sometimes being a bit odd. Some things like space saving jars or how to grow lilacs are easy enough and straightforward. Other topics like how to laugh, how to be desirable, and how to appear on courtroom television shows, are a bit of the weird.

  4. Paint Tester App. Take a picture of your intended room and then see what it looks like by applying the potential colors you’re thinking about.

  5. IdeaRoom app. This is cool. If you’ve walked through your local hardware store and thumbed through blueprints or instructions for projects like birdhouses, a bed frame, porch swings, etc. This app will help. Many of the plans do require you to In-App purchase for somewhere between $3-15 depending on the item.

  6. MeasuresLite App. Take a pic of a room or anything else for that matter, and apply the measurements to the photo, so you can reference later for your own purposes or if you’re sharing with a designer. Much easier to see the room in perspective than a plan view.



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