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You’re getting ready for vacation, or even a fun day at the beach. Summer is finally here and school is almost out. We’ll highlight some tech to enhance your experience and help protect you and your gear from the hot sun or the cool water.

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Nerd News Flash:

  • Inmarsat does the analysis and says it knows where MH370 was. Totally the wrong spot?
  • Apple is going to take over your home!! Hasn’t it done so already? Now we’re talking about home automation.
  • Call of Duty Advanced Warfare trailer is out. Kevin Spacey is in it. Check it out



Featured Story: Summer Tech

We are going to get you ready for summer! Here’s a list of some gear that may be helpful as the shades and the sunscreen goes on.

    • Want to bring your device to the beach but are concerned it’ll get damaged? There are several options out there to help protect your stuff. Lifeproof, Otterbox, Pelican, Dry Pak bags and more.
    • How about that stereo? We all know that as impressive as the speaker is on your smart phone or tablet, its tough to compete with the wind and wide open spaces. Maybe you need a waterproof or resistant speaker or boom box. Here’s one from Philips that is neato.
    • Wait! What I am supposed to do when my batteries run low?!? Party all day long and let mother nature help. For under $30 you can get one of these from Coleman and it’ll fit in most any bag at 7” x 7”. It’ll recharge any 12 volt device such as smart phones, GPS and digital cameras! I have a 14watt one from brunton that can also handle laptops.
    • What to wear…what to wear. If you are concerned about getting to much sun, or are spending time in the converitble, make sure you visit Coolibar or columbia (and others) to peruse their collection of SPF and UVA/B protection clothing for men, women and kids.

    Also be sure to check out these handy links for lots of info about Sun Protection

  • Last but not least by any means, is sunglasses. Don’t skimp on the sun protection for your eyes because they are way more sensitive than your skin. Make sure you have sunglasses that filter out 99-100% UV rays. People often buy sunglasses based on how they look on them, but just as shape is important, so too is the type of lens in the sunglasses from what its made out of to how its tinted. Would you like to know more? check it out here:
  • iGrill remote thermometer for grilling or cooking! You don’t need to hover over the grill.






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