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Apple made big news this week at their annual developer’s conference with a slew of announcements about the next versions of Mac OS X and IOS. We’ll cover the major features and speculate how some of this may help the consumer.

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  • Apple unveiled OSX 10.10 (aka “Yosemite”)
  • Coming in Fall. Free.
  • Improved integration between all of your devices.
  • AirDrop will now work between Mac OS X and IOS.
  • Handoff feature will let you finish an email you started on one device on the other
  • Make and receive phone calls on your desktop or iPad. Get caller ID on your Mac.
  • Easy hot spot discovery and connection to your iPhone
  • iCloud Drive for sharing any file types to the cloud.
  • iMessages now works with non-IOS phones on your Mac (those ‘green bubble’ friends)
  • Markup feature lets you annotate a photo or PDF doc in an email without leaving the email app.
  • Mail Drop feature lets you send huge attachments via email, even if too big for your recipient’s email servers. It’ll send the attachment to iCloud and put a link in the email for a secure download. As big as 5GB attachments.
  • Record a voice message for SMS chats.
  • Label a group chat. Mute an individual chat thread if you want to stop notifications. Leave a group chat.
  • A new Photos app will be needed on the Mac, but won’t be available until 2015.



  • All of your photos will now live in the iCloud. They will provide much more space and competitive pricing. Photos will be stored in full quality in the cloud, including RAW and movies. But they will give you an appropriately-sized version for your device so that you aren’t taking up all your space with photos. (photostream used to just be the last 1,000 photos).
  • Family sharing: up to six family members, who share the same credit card on file in the iTunes Store, can all share music, movies, apps, books, games.
  • Parents can set up “Ask to Buy” feature to get a notification for approval before child can buy an app.
  • Customizable keyboards system-wide. You can expect there will be tons, including swype keyboards.
  • Health Book to track your health and fitness devices in one central dashboard.
  • Home automation, to let you manage garage door openers, door locks, lights, thermostats, etc from your IOS device. Siri support to support things like “time for bed” to make sure everything gets closed, locked and turned off.
  • Spotlight search that universally searches the web and not just apps on your device.
  • Shazam built into Siri. And you can purchase the song through Siri, too.
  • 20 more features in IOS8 they did not cover at the keynote.


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